Certified Geriatric Care Management Services

Certified Geriatric Care Management Services

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Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions to help guide you through this journey. Please contact me at 646-391-3474 with any further questions!

What can you expect when you engage my services?

I typically start by having a conference call to gather some medical & psycho/social history, and discuss primary concerns of the family.  Often I will schedule a home visit post the initial call to gather documents and review application process in addition to helping family understand the options available to them. I can formulate a care plan and provide specific recommendations, based on my direct experiences with an array of services available, that I believe will best meet your loved one’s needs.  

Does insurance pay for services?

Private pay insurances and Medicare do not cover the cost of care management.  However, many long term care insurance policies do offer coverage for services and I do provide assistance managing long term care policies. I also explore eligibility for other entitlements such as the VA Aide & Attendance program. My professional fee can be paid over the period of time while securing services.

What happens during the application process?

The initial step after gathering documents will be to submit the Medicaid Application to the local HRA/DSS. Approximately 45 days after application is submitted I will schedule the UAS Nursing Assessment to determine the level of care. After a selection of a “Managed Long Term Care Plan” the plan itself will complete an assessment and present family with a “Plan Of Care”. You can also opt for the Consumer Directed Program which allows a family member to become a caregiver.

What if you need a Pool Trust?

Once services have been approved should HRA/DSS determine there is a surplus/excess income I will assist family with establishing a “Pool Trust”. If other assets need sheltering with a “Irrevocable Trust” I do work with an Elder Care Attorney that can provide you legal direction.

How long does it take to secure service?

Typically 2 – 3 months from the submission of the Medicaid Application to HRA/DSS but can vary depending on the situation.

Let Elder Solutions and Planning Provide You Peace of Mind!

Contact Elder Solutions and Planning at your convenience to discuss your concerns and have any questions you may have answered. Our goal is to allow your loved one to remain safely in their home and community.

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Due to the recent Covid 19 developments we are now offering ONLY Telephone or Video Consultations. I can provide a comprehensive assessment and establish a care plan structure suited to your situation. Request a Call Back Today!

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